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Writing & Narrative Design

by Raphael Sadowski



I’m Raphael Sadowski and I write stories for games.


Ten years of experience in video game development industry, twenty in running and designing tabletop games. Fantasy, horror and science fiction are my whole life, be it movies, animation, comic books, role-playing games, tabletop games, card games or video games. I eat, breathe and create fiction for as long as I can remember.


I create wacky worlds, mad mechanics and compelling characters. After I earned my spurs under renowned designers, Paul Robinson and Jess Lebow, I’ve been working as lead narrative designer and lead writer for many years. My diverse earlier work experience (from TV reporter and graphic designer to a barista and assistant in international law firm) allowed me to bring some much needed order and organization to the creative madhouse of professional gamedev environment.


Lately the time has come for me to finally go freelance.

So, if you need someone who cut his teeth on games since the nineties, someone to come up with a solution to all your narrative problems, or just someone to create a compelling story for your project, don’t hesitate and contact me.

I've got you covered.

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Elegant Fantasy

A series of random generator tables for fantasy tabletop games. System-agnostic, they work as extensive inspiration to fuel your games and designs.

Get them on DriveThru RPG in handy PDF format!

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Coming Soon:

Croatoan is a tabletop role-playing game system, that draws heavily from the OSR (old school revival or rennaisance) movement. Main focus of the game is tomb raiding: player characters begin as nameless adventurers living only to steal treasure from ancient, cursed places and survive long enough to carry it back to the civilization.

Only after some time, as they gain levels, they also gain personality - names, backstories and dreams.

It plays a lot like first editions of D&D, just classless, powered by 2d6 test rolls and with a massive focus on survival, like slot-based encumbrance and extensive wound system.


Thanks for scrolling all the way down here. I hope you enjoyed all the unnecessary bells and whistles. That's just me, I simply can't contain my enthusiasm.

So, what's on your mind? Looking for a writer? Narrative designer? Get my address below, and drop me a line.